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4 Ways to Celebrate and Support Women Working in CX During #IWD2023 and All Year Round

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  • Each year, the arrival of the month of March brings with it chances to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. It’s also a great time to examine how communities can support women in their work endeavors, including women working in customer experience (CX).

    Did you know, according to a Zippia study on call center demographics, that of the 272,688 contact center agents currently working in the United States, 69.2% of all call center agents are women? But that’s not the whole story.

    To fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle, here are some additional facts, along with four ways that those working in the CX industry, and allies too, can help support women this month, and every month:

    1. Close the gender pay gap for call center agents: Currently, women at the call center earn 96 cents for every 1 dollar earned by men at the contact center. With this gender pay gap still evident, it’s clear that there is still some work to be done in the industry to achieve equitable compensation for equal work. Both men and women in hiring positions can do their part to try and close the pay gap when filling CX positions.
    2. Offer more opportunities for women’s advancement into CX leadership roles: According to CXM Magazine, even though women represent almost 70% of the workforce in customer experience, representation falls to only 38% for CX managerial positions, and drops even lower to 12% for top CX jobs. For both men and women already in management roles, facilitating more chances for women to be promoted to these management roles could make a big impact.
    3. Facilitate supportive environments with company culture, for both managers and employees: There are many ways for organizations to make their work environments more supportive for women.  At Level AI, for example, we have a dedicated ladies’ chat area in our workplace Slack– a channel for women to communicate with one another and offer supportive peer communication. It’s a great way to stay connected– not only to answer each other’s work questions, but also to keep in touch socially, which helps avoid the feeling of work isolation with many jobs today being remote. 
    4. Set up your teams for success by providing modern CX tools that boost performance and reduce stress: It’s well-documented that women in the workplace often have multiple stressors. In the CX environment, you can help set your contact center agents up for success by making sure your team has the latest CX tools. Generative AI tools for example, such as Level AI’s AgentGPT solution for the contact center, are helpful in quickly getting your contact center agents the right answers to customer questions, thereby reducing stress not only for the agents but also for the customers calling in to the center.

    We at Level AI wish you a wonderful Women’s Day and Women’s Month!

    To learn more about Level AI solutions, including our recently launched AgentGPT, visit http://thelevel.ai to learn more and schedule a demo today.