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The 5 Benefits of AI-Driven Contact Center Quality Assurance

Last updated:
September 1 2023
Blog /Contact Centers / The 5 Benefits of AI-Driven Contact Center Quality Assurance

In today’s hyper-competitive digital age where competitors are always just a quick search away, customer service is more important than ever.

But fantastic customer service doesn’t happen on its own. According to a recent study, nearly 80% of consumers believe speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service all contribute to a positive customer experience.

To compete in today’s dynamic, customer-centric environment, businesses must implement contact center quality assurance (QA) programs that utilize the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and workflows. With a robust AI-driven QA platform in place, it’s much easier for brands to satisfy customers, build loyalty, retain talent, keep operating costs low, and drive continuous improvement.

In this piece, we examine what it means to have AI-driven quality assurance and the benefits this technology delivers to contact centers.

Five benefits of AI-driven contact center quality assurance

AI-driven contact center QA platforms use various intelligent technologies to understand and improve interactions between customers and call center agents.

For example, call center leaders today rely on services like intelligent real-time monitoring, voice of the customer (VoC) analysis, speech analytics, agent coaching, and performance reporting. By augmenting QA processes with AI, contact center leaders can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations while creating a more responsive, engaging environment for customers.

AI-driven QA is still an emerging area of focus, making it a powerful differentiator for companies that seize the opportunity. With that in mind, let’s examine five key benefits of having AI-driven QA in the contact center.

1. Gain a holistic view of all customer interactions

QA managers often lack complete visibility into contact center operations, which makes it difficult to track customer interactions and coach agents in the moment.

AI-powered QA tools improve visibility for managers, providing a holistic view of customer interactions across all channels. While traditional QA processes can only review 2% of conversations, generative AI-powered solutions are capable of auto-scoring 100% of conversations based on the customer’s custom scoring rubrics across phone, SMS, and email, along with evidence and reasoning based on detailed analysis of the entire conversation.

At the same time, AI removes auditor bias and prevents beliefs and emotions from skewing evaluations, leading to meaningful coaching opportunities and objective critiques. Beyond this, AI QA tools surface conversations that are important for the QA team to take a closer look at, based on unique criteria each customer configures.

nWhat’s more, AI-driven QA can integrate seamlessly with supporting contact center services. For example, Level AI’s groundbreaking QA-GPT platform works with other Level AI tools, including the company’s coaching, real-time agent assist, screen recording, and analytics products, adding up to deliver a comprehensive contact center platform.

Add it all up, and the right AI-driven QA solution gives QA managers a much deeper understanding of what’s happening in terms of customer service and agent performance across all communication channels.

2. Experience complete coverage

The days of running manual, time-consuming, and inaccurate QA spot checks are coming to an end. Companies can now use AI to gain complete coverage across the entire contact center, giving them deep visibility into customer conversations across all channels.

With AI-driven QA tools, the system evaluates and produces an automated score based on your exact standards and custom evaluation rubrics. You can set up multiple rubrics (e.g., one for each channel), and the system will then auto-evaluate interactions and scores based on that information.

What’s more, AI QA platforms understand human language and nuances, which enables them to understand complex questions. For example, leading AI-driven QA platforms can determine whether an agent reduces effort for a customer during a call, functionality that goes far beyond what traditional AI systems are capable of. As a result, contact centers gain access to robust voice of the customer analysis and insights data which they can use to further optimize their processes and make informed business decisions..

3. Reduce agent churn

Agent churn remains a top challenge in the contact center industry, with companies everywhere struggling to retain talent. Even so, smart contact centers are laser-focused on reducing churn to minimize costs, maintain morale, and improve customer experiences.

With the right solution in place, managers can provide accurate and constructive feedback to agents much faster. Better coaching leads to more robust learning experiences, better performance during calls, and ultimately higher job satisfaction. As a result, agents are empowered to do their best work, which helps create an environment that people want to be a part of.

4. Drive continuous improvement

Customer expectations are skyrocketing annually due to connectivity, automation, and machine learning advancements. As a result, companies have to keep up and continuously improve; otherwise, they risk losing business to more customer-centric competitors.

Leading AI-driven QA platforms continuously learns from your data and improves over time. As the AI becomes more intelligent, contact center operations improve. QA managers can use AI-powered QA tools to set goals, benchmark progress, and improve overall outcomes in the call center.

5. Create happier customers

At the end of the day, the call center has one job: keeping customers happy. When customers are happy, they are far more likely to spend money and recommend products and services. In fact, 76% of customers will go out of their way to do business with a company that provides better service. On top of this, 86% are willing to switch brands because another company offers a stronger experience.

As you begin searching for an AI-driven QA platform, look for a solution that enables you to provide consistent customer experiences across all channels. This leads to better customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, greater retention, and higher profits.

Turbocharge your contact center with Level AI

The contact center industry is going through a massive transformation with the emergence of cutting-edge AI-powered tools that have the power to enhance workflows, empower agents, and improve customer satisfaction.

To keep pace, your business needs to invest in modern technology that offers fully automated QA tools that understand the customer intent behind entire conversations — not just keywords and phrases. The right solution will also be easy to set up, deploy, and manage, making it simple to track the customer experience in real time and adjust your strategy as needs change.

To learn more about what to look for in an AI-powered QA platform, check out our free buyer’s guide. Better yet, take Level AI for a spin today by requesting a free demo.

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