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Omniscient AI is Coming to Your Contact Center: Announcing QA-GPT by Level AI


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  • For many companies, the contact center plays a crucial role– not only in providing service to clients and customers, but also in reducing churn, maintaining brand relations and reputation, and other outcomes that help businesses, such as reduced risk and other benefits. The important work tasks required of contact center agents are often fast-paced and multifaceted. It is an ongoing challenge for agents to provide consistently excellent customer experiences (CX), while also handling the large volume of diverse types of calls that come into the contact center on a daily basis.

    Thankfully, today’s modern contact center solutions include artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can significantly improve agents’ productivity and efficiency, as well as customer experiences (CX) outcomes overall. For those companies now evaluating the possible ROI (return on investment) value of AI solutions, this article will review five reasons that investing in contact center AI is a smart move that benefits businesses and customers alike.

    1. Enables improved efficiency 

    Artificial Intelligence helps contact center agents deliver extraordinary customer service, quickly and consistently. New generative AI tools, such as Level AI’s recently launched AgentGPT are able to be trained on an organization’s specific data, allowing the AI augmentation to quickly and efficiently auto-generate accurate answers to customer questions that are business-specific. This greatly reduces or eliminates frustrating hold times or transferred calls that customers would have had to endure previously while agents searched and retrieved answers, or re-routed callers.

    2. Reduces training needs

    Agent training is time-consuming and expensive and can also be complicated. This is especially true when training involves many pages of knowledge management of items that are niche to an industry or business-specific. With the availability of AI solutions, training and/or onboarding processes burdens are greatly reduced and AI tools are able to offer expert answers to customer questions from day one.

    3. Continuously improves from agent feedback

    Artificial intelligence tools of today are not a “one and done” setting when it comes to their capabilities. Even after the initial training, generative AI tools have the ability to rapidly learn and continuously improve. Based on agent feedback, AI solutions can rapidly learn as agents have ongoing customer conversations– noting which answers were “top answers” or “best fit” so that those answers are prioritized for future interactions.

    4. Reduces customer churn

    It often takes significant time and expense to acquire a customer, but then only one bad customer service interaction to perhaps lose that customer forever. The investment in AI is not only an investment in technology, but an investment aimed at keeping customers happy and returning. The better and faster the customer experience, the more likely the customer will remain.

    5. Helps increase agent satisfaction and customer happiness

    Contact center AI solutions that augment agents, but do not replace them, allow agents to be empowered and experience less stress at work each day as the many customer calls come into the center. Agents knowing each day that they are supported by the latest in AI solutions is satisfying for both agents and customers– the agents will experience less stressful interactions as the AI-powered answers set them up for success as they handle customer requests, and the customers are happy to have had an excellent customer experience.

    To learn more about Level AI’s artificial intelligence solutions for the contact center, visit Level AI at http://thelevel.ai. Learn more about today’s modern AI tools, such as AgentGPT, and schedule a demo to see how an investment in AI solutions can benefit your business, your agents, and your customers.

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