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Bulldozers > Shovels > Spoons | The Perspective Towards AI

perspective towards AI
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  • There’s a famous story of Milton Friedman, a Nobel prize-winning economist, visiting a worksite when on a trip. Friedman was amazed to see hundreds of workers digging a canal with shovels and no excavators or bulldozers in sight. He asked his host, “Why are you not using machines to dig this canal?”

    The host replied, “If we used excavators, we’d provide fewer jobs to members of the community.”

    “If the goal is simply jobs, why not take away the shovels and give them spoons?” Friedman responded.

    There is concern that artificial intelligence, the modern machinery of our time, is going to destroy a lot of jobs and put many people out of work. While that will happen in some cases, in many cases AI will automate tedious, undesirable tasks and augment existing workers so they can focus on more complex tasks.

    When it comes to implementing a quality assurance program for your customer support organization, you could hire enough reviewers for your team to listen to and review every single customer contact that your organization handles. But, like having workers dig a canal with spoons, that is not desirable work that is well suited for humans.

    Level AI gives you 100% system coverage on your contacts and enables your existing team to more easily find the important conversations to review and focus on better feedback and coaching for the team. Now you can focus on helping your agents handle frustrated customers or ensure they are adhering to validation requirements instead of scoring random conversations that are often uninteresting. Like an excavator gives construction crews superpowers, Level AI gives your support team the tools they need to be superheroes.

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    Photo by Gerold Hinzen on Unsplash