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Omniscient AI is Coming to Your Contact Center: Announcing QA-GPT by Level AI

Level AI Debuts Generative AI Tech for Contact Centers: AgentGPT

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  • Read the full CMSWire article here: https://www.cmswire.com/customer-experience/level-ai-debuts-generative-ai-tech-for-contact-centers-agentgpt/

    Level AI shares with CMSWire an exclusive first look at its newest AI system for customer service teams, AgentGPT.

    The Gist

    • Generative AI, meet CX. In a CMSWire exclusive, we learned about the release of Level AI’s AgentGPT, a generative AI product aimed at improving the customer experience and assisting contact center teams.
    • Not like ChatGPT? Unlike ChatGPT, AgentGPT is trained on a client’s proprietary customer conversational data and internal data stores, allowing it to analyze queries with multiple attributes and recommend solutions accordingly.
    • Contact Center thumbs up, thumbs down. AgentGPT is built on Level AI’s existing Natural Language Understanding (NLU) product suite for contact centers, and can improve its responses through agent feedback using a “thumbs up, thumbs down” system.

    With the goal of elevating customer experience and assisting contact center teams, Level AI announced today its newest generative AI product, AgentGPT — calling it a “highly trained version of ChatGPT.”

    Read the rest of the article here: https://www.cmswire.com/customer-experience/level-ai-debuts-generative-ai-tech-for-contact-centers-agentgpt/