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Enterprise Achieves High-Quality Customer Service With Improved BPO Management

Last updated:
February 15 2023
Blog /Artificial Intelligence / Enterprise Achieves High-Quality Customer Service With Improved BPO Management

For enterprise companies, meeting the ever-changing customer demands can be a daunting task, which is why many companies leverage BPOs in additional to their internal service teams to meet their customer support needs. However, businesses that outsource customer support services to multiple BPOs often struggle with how to optimize their management to ensure consistent service quality and performance across the board. We dive into one of these use cases below.

The Challenge

An enterprise client that leveraged Level AI to monitor the performances of six BPOs became concerned when they noticed that one BPO had a significantly lower Instascore than others.

The Analysis

To understand why this BPO scored lower than the others, the client listened to and reviewed a range of customer conversations. Eventually, the team noticed a lot of poor internet connectivity and language barrier issues, resulting in audible customer frustration and negative sentiments.

The client configured the Level AI conversation intelligence engine to detect language and connectivity issues with phrases, including “I can’t hear you,” “you’re breaking up,” “I couldn’t understand you,” and “can you please repeat that?”. As the AI searched through the conversational data for these snippets, it also picked up other commonly used phrases with similar intent to provide the client with a comprehensive data set to improve the accuracy of this analysis.

The findings revealed that 31% of customer interactions with this BPO had these conversation flags — the highest amongst the group — with an average of more than 60 flags detected per agent.

The Result

The client promptly shared this finding with the BPO, resulting in an improved process that enabled them to better identify and resolve technical escalations. It also convinced the client to add agent coaching resources on empathetic language and effective communication.

With a convenient, all-in-one dashboard from Level AI, clients can access an overview comparison of each center’s operations and delve into more specific data points on agent performances and customer inquiries. Download the e-book, From Insights to Action: Uncover Hidden Insights and Transform Contact Center Operations, for more examples of how customers are uncovering hidden insights with Level AI!

Uncover Hidden Insights With Level AI

See how customers use Level AI analytics to optimize business operations, boost contact center performance, and improve customer experience


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