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Voice of the Customer Insights, the Generative AI solution that surfaces actionable insights from all your contact center conversations
Omniscient AI is Coming to Your Contact Center: Announcing QA-GPT by Level AI

How the enterprise can thrive with AI and company data 

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  • Last Thursday, we at Level AI launched AgentGPT, a first of its kind generative artificial intelligence solution for the contact center. We believe that it is a game changer for the enterprise, and also that it is a bellwether for the enterprise’s adoption of AI overall.

    While the world marvels at ChatGPT, smart enterprise leaders realize that ChatGPT, even with all of its impressive power and capability, does not have access to one of the most important sources of data a company has: proprietary company data. Of course, this includes both critical or adoring feedback they might receive from their customers. AgentGPT leverages enterprise knowledge and conversational data in order to provide contact center agents with the most accurate information possible, expanding far beyond the bounds of support articles and FAQs, and it does so in real time.

    Tools such as our recently launched AgentGPT that are designed not to replace workers, but rather to assist them in doing their jobs at high performance levels, are where we believe the future of enterprise adoption of AI is headed. This is not just for our customer service and contact center clients, but in general, because in addition to a public data set, we at Level AI expect that we will continue to increasingly see more tools emerge- for a variety of fields and industries- that are able to self-learn on a company’s enterprise knowledge.

    We are bullish about the future of AI and the enterprise, and are looking forward to sharing AgentGPT with you. We invite you to join the waitlist at thelevel.ai/agentgpt

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