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Insights from a Customer Service & Experience Leader About Growing A Successful Career in CS

Last updated:
November 27 2023
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Blog /Contact Centers / Insights from a Customer Service & Experience Leader About Growing A Successful Career in CS

An interview with Matthew Caron, VP of CX and Onboarding at OpenTable

In a recent event, Matthew Caron, VP of CX and Onboarding at OpenTable, shared invaluable insights on career growth and team management in the contact center space. His experience and approach to leadership offer a unique perspective on nurturing careers and creating successful teams in this dynamic industry.

The Journey to Leadership

Matthew’s journey in the customer experience (CX) sector began as the director of North American contact center operations. His background in both BPOs and large corporations equipped him to bring back in-house OpenTable’s contact center experience. He credits his success to inheriting an excellent team and providing guidance, which led to soaring performance and his eventual rise to a leadership role.

Key Skills for CX Career Growth

1. **Adaptability**: Embrace change as it’s constant in technology and customer expectations.

2. **Positive Mindset**: Avoid a victim mentality; focus on elements within your control.

3. **Advocacy**: Be an advocate for yourself and others, building strong relationships within the organization.

Empowering Teams Under Pressure

Matthew emphasizes the importance of caring for team members beyond work roles. He advocates for open communication, understanding personal challenges, and ensuring mental well-being. Techniques like controlled breathing can help team members manage anxiety and stress in high-pressure situations.

Technology’s Role in Evolving Customer Service

The landscape of customer service is changing rapidly with technology. Matthew foresees a shift from viewing customer service as a cost center to a revenue generator, with a focus on data and AI to enhance customer experiences. He encourages new professionals to seize opportunities in this evolving landscape.

Building Relationships with Management

For those seeking career growth but hesitant to approach management, Matthew advises initiating conversations to understand leaders better. Knowing their aspirations and challenges can help build a mutual understanding and open doors for personal career growth.

Personal Success Stories

One of Matthew’s most memorable success stories involved guiding an employee to realize her true aspirations, leading her to a fulfilling personal life outside of her professional ambitions. This story highlights the significance of understanding and supporting team members’ personal and professional goals.

Staying Motivated and Setting Goals

Matthew suggests setting goals aligned with customer needs and product development. He emphasizes the importance of self-driven career development, suggesting resources like the book “QBQ: Question Behind the Question” by John Miller for personal growth.

Final Thoughts: It’s About Others

Matthew’s parting advice is to focus on helping others. Building strong relationships, whether with customers or team members, is key to personal and professional success in the contact center industry.

Matthew Caron’s approach to leadership in customer experience is not just about professional success; it’s about empowering individuals to realize their potential, both within and beyond the workplace. His insights provide a roadmap for anyone looking to grow their career in the dynamic world of customer service and contact centers.

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