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Quality Assurance for World Class Customer Service

Quality Assurance
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  • Your agents are your most important brand ambassadors – but quality review and analytics practices lack the sophistication required to effectively review the thousands of calls flooding in per week. 65% of customers cite an agent’s access to knowledge and attitude as the key factors in a good experience, but agents failed to provide an adequate answer 50% of the time. Your agents receive inadequate coaching from failure to properly diagnose issues, and fall into a downward spiral of providing poor customer experience. Here’s what the experts say about managing the most burdensome pain points in QA review to help you deliver world class customer service – every time.

    Current methods to flag calls for review allow significant problems to slip through the cracks.

    Each of your agents takes hundreds of calls per week as they flood into your contact center. Reviewing only a random sampling of the calls that come in will lead to significant gaps in your data and the potential to miss glaring issues. 

    Plenty of issues are present in other sampling methods, too: while poor CSAT scores are a good indicator of a problem, most of your customers don’t want to hang around to take a satisfaction survey. The 10% who do likely had an extremely negative or extremely positive interaction, skewing your results towards the extremes and giving you meaningless data resulting from non-response bias. 

    Tracking repeat calls can be useful in seeing which customers did not get their problem solved, but such a low-frequency event does not form a sufficient baseline for all of your review data. Plus, after just one negative experience with a business’ customer service team, 55% of customers will never do business with them again. Your most frustrated callers almost certainly won’t be calling you back.

    Let an AI system augment the work of reviewers to highlight the right call every time.

    By looking through every call that comes in instead of a few that are randomly selected, you can be confident in providing informed feedback in the right places.

    Long feedback loops and ineffective coaching methods lead to low NPS and poor customer and brand experience.

    QA review is crucial to ensuring that you are providing the highest quality customer experience possible. Long handling times, incorrect information, and other errors can decrease brand experience and leave a bad taste in your customers’ mouths. Your customers are very likely to want to switch to another company – after a single bad experience, they’re likely to switch to another brand. Ensuring that your agents get timely feedback helps them improve instantaneously and allows you to ensure consistency across every call. Only 8% of companies currently have systems in place to collect instantaneous QA. AI based solutions lead to 5-10X more QA coverage, provide almost real time feedback, and allow your agents to quickly learn the correct answers and improve their accuracy, all while giving you the upper hand over your competitors. Your agents will be more engaged, better trained, and have a much lower churn rate – all while keeping your customers happy and loyal.

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