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Voice of the Customer Insights, the Generative AI solution that surfaces actionable insights from all your contact center conversations
Omniscient AI is Coming to Your Contact Center: Announcing QA-GPT by Level AI

The future of customer experience management with Level AI’s Generative AI-powered Voice of the Customer Insights

VoC customer experience insights
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  • A good customer experience program enables an organization to be customer obsessed and use customer feedback to enable business transformation. Customer service teams have the product, marketing, sales, compliance, and operations teams always asking for customer feedback, but today’s Voice of the Customer solutions are fundamentally broken. Traditional methods of understanding the voice of the customer rely on carefully worded and administered surveys at every touchpoint in the customer journey. These methods have low customer engagement and allow bias to creep in from the loudest voices. It also adds friction to the customer experience, especially when a customer is already frustrated. 

    Then comes the challenge of deriving actionable insights from customer feedback. According to a Forrester report on the state of VoC and customer experience programs, the number one challenge faced by customer experience teams is: “Difficulty linking CX metrics to business metrics.” Existing text analytics tools work with NPS and CSAT survey feedback but are limited to extracting keywords and rudimentary sentiment detection. They fall short of delivering insights that directly lead to business success.

    Some VoC teams correctly identify contact center data as a source of unbiased feedback. They painstakingly listen to hundreds of phone calls and review chat logs and emails to identify customer needs and issues. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of calls means the team can only cover 1-2% of interactions before being overwhelmed. In the meantime, customer experience issues rage on unmitigated.

    There is some hope, though! Level AI Voice of the Customer Insights mines 100% of conversations with generative AI to deliver a comprehensive, unbiased, and genuine view of the customer experience, needs, and wants, along with actionable insights.

    Actionable insights in real-time

    Unlike surveys that take weeks to get a representative sample and analyze, VoC Insights works in real-time to bring actionable insights from all of your interactions no matter the channel (call, chat, email, SMS etc.) It is built on an in-house LLM (large language model) that is trained on your contact center data to be many times more efficient than Chat GPT. The AI crawls through all of your contact center conversations, generating key customer “concerns” for each of them. (A concern is a short line generated by AI explaining the primary matter of importance in the conversation). It then automatically identifies broad topics and finer subtopics to categorize the conversations. Finally, Level AI offers a persona specific advanced analytics dashboard that allows you to quickly get an overview of customer pain points and also dig deeper into concerning trends at an individual customer conversation level with just a few clicks. 

    Proactively identify unknown customer concerns

    Save countless hours that would have been spent on listening to hundreds of customer calls to identify problems. VoC Insights is the only product on the market that is able to proactively detect trends and anomalies. Uncover new categories of conversations continuously and automatically as they crop up without any manual intervention. This ensures new customer concerns are identified early and addressed before they balloon into a crisis. VoC insights also identifies emerging trends in customer issues and highlights areas of concern. Users can easily drill down into specific topics to get a root cause analysis and quantify issues to solve.

    Here’s how that would go down: Jenny is an analyst at an e-commerce firm. She starts her day by checking out the latest customer feedback trends on Voice of the Customer Insights. Her dashboard shows that conversations categorized as “packaging issues” have increased by 30% over the previous week. While a sudden uptick in packaging issues was puzzling, Jenny clicks on the card to reveal a list of subtopics with packing issues. Aside from the usual entries, a new subtopic has been identified by the AI. A large number of conversations over the past week were categorized as “water damage”. She clicks on “water damage” to reveal a page that consists of hundreds of conversations, each lasting around 15 minutes, and that was just from the past two days! Level AI’s advanced generative AI saves the day with smart summaries and “concerns” for the conversations that turn what would have been 50 hours of listening to calls to find the source of customer complaints. Quickly reading through the customer concerns, Jenny realizes that a large number of complaints are about rainwater seeping into the packaging and, in some cases, ruining the product inside. She quickly reaches out to the delivery operations team to report the issues customers are facing. The delivery operations manager, Mark, knows that they had recently changed vendors for their packaging and immediately puts the two together and takes up the issue with the vendor. 

    Identify drivers of CX and business transformation

    Unlike alternative VoC products on the market that just create word clouds from sloppily half-filled customer surveys, Level AI’s Voice of the Customer solution offers a unique and real-time glimpse into the number, frequency, and severity of the issues the customer is facing. VoC Insights Identifies drivers of negative sentiment, areas of coaching, and business improvement through actionable dashboards linking them to business metrics. VoC reports also integrate with your CRMs so you can slice VoC data with any business dimensions like location, part of the sales funnel, products purchased, etc. 

    Product teams can quickly identify the most critical issues to resolve with direct insights into how the customers are interacting with the products, while marketing teams can glean key insights into what different customer segments care about. Teams can also bookmark important conversations in a shared library to retain organizational knowledge. Management can also keep track of overall customer satisfaction and its trends with custom dashboards, allowing them to keep in touch with the customer wants like never before. 

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