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Research-Based Reasons Why Multimodal and Omnichannel are Important

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March 17 2023
Blog /Artificial Intelligence / Research-Based Reasons Why Multimodal and Omnichannel are Important

Earlier this week, OpenAI launched GPT-4, their updated large model they describe as “multimodal”. A step up from the last version, the newly released GPT-4 can receive both image and text inputs. Unlike some of the rumors that had circulated prior to the launch, GPT-4 was revealed to be multimodal regarding the inbound prompts but the output will continue to be text, just as it was in the prior version, although with the expectation of more sophisticated and accurate responses.

This multimodal ability is useful for many reasons, one of which is that it is sensitive and practical, taking into account the way people today interact with AI, and other tech tools. Modern, savvy users are not tied to only one mode of communication.

It is a similar phenomenon if we examine how today’s customers are choosing to interact with the contact center in more than one way in their communications. According to a recent report from CX Today, “Omnichannel CX is the new standard for delivering customer service and support.”

Multimodal prompts and omnichannel customer interactions have some things in common, although instead of images and text prompts, the omnichannel modalities in customer experiences at the contact center would involve the customer reaching out and interacting via chat, email, phone calls, and other forms. Businesses who offer omnichannel modalities for the contact center position themselves for success in doing so, and part of that comes down to customer preference. For example, according to Customer Think, more than 50% of consumers would rather text for customer support rather than call, when given the opportunity.

For a contact center to be considered omnichannel, it’s important that agents be able to provide support through these various channels and allow the customers to interact using their preferred communication channel. Also, for best practices, there should be the ability to receive consistently excellent customer service, regardless of which channel the customer selects.

Integrating all the customer interactions is important, and that’s why artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, such as the tools offered by Level AI, are so well-suited to consistently address these types of challenges.

According to CX Today’s CX Trends 2023 Roundtable findings, “Organizations must take greater control of their omnichannel environment to remain competitive, blending these modern channels with traditional ones for a consistent customer experience.” An omnichannel contact center augmented by AI and ML (machine learning) is able to utilize the latest technologies in order to provide excellent customer experiences, not replacing agents but rather empowering them to do their best work.

The modern contact center is now able to leverage AI-powered analysis of the needs/asks the customer is expressing and also the ability to respond in real-time, without keeping the customers waiting unnecessarily. This ability to provide AI-powered omnichannel CX does not always translate into companies adopting the newest ways of doing business, however. But there is potentially a very high cost of not providing excellent customer service, as Salesforce’s 2022 report “State of the Connected Customer” found that 48% of customers have considered switching away from a brand in the past year in search of better customer service.

It’s a win-win, for both customers and businesses that serve them, to provide the best customer experiences possible, and the research proves this point beyond a doubt. Omnichannel capabilities and artificial intelligence solutions make this possible for the modern contact center.

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