Improve Agent Performance With AI-Powered Quality Assurance

Empower your QA team to analyze support conversations across all channels, evaluate agent performance, and provide feedback. 


Key Features

Tag Key Moments in Customer Conversations

Our semantic models monitor all support conversations for scenarios set by your QA team and tag key moments in every conversation. When the system tags a conversation, you can choose to provide a hint to the agent to take action or flag them if missed. It also helps your QA teams to quickly identify and evaluate key moments in a conversation and provide better agent feedback.

Your Team. Your Rules.

Every organization is unique and has their own QA process. Rubric Builder allows your QA teams to set up their own grading systems to evaluate support conversations. They can customize everything including the grading questions, categories, scores, weightage, and so on.

Help QA Teams Identify Important Conversations

InstaReview automatically picks out conversations with rich behavior and conversations that exhibit negative behavior and tags them with a color-coded label that is easy for your QA teams to identify.


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